Dunwoody Senior Baseball (DSB) provides a high quality, organized opportunity to play baseball for players ages 13 and up in the Dunwoody, Georgia area.


Middle School League Only


The League is implementing pitch counts in accordance with the decisions of the GHSA and the NFHS for 2017.  We will be using the limits for JV programs.  

  • After pitching, players are required to rest full calendar days based on the number of pitches thrown that day
Pitches Thrown Days of Rest
1-24 0
25-44 1
45-64 2
65-90 3


  • No more than 90 pitches in 2 days.
  • If limit reached during an at-bat, pitcher will be allowed to finish the at-bat.  Note this applies only to the 90 pitch limit.  In order to be able to pitch the next day, the pitcher cannot pitch more than 24 pitches, no matter where in at-bat they are.
  • Coaches or designated scorekeepers are responsible for keeping pitch counts during the game.  Teams should regularly ensure that counts are correct with the other team.  In the event of a discrepancy, the home team count is the count of record.
  • Coaches will maintain records of pitches thrown and have these available at all games.  These should be shared prior to the game with the other team.  You are required to use the PitchingRecord.xlsx sheet that was sent to all coaches.  You can fill it out manually or use Excel (recommended).  Pitchers that are ineligible to pitch should be marked with an "X".  
  • Note that many of our players also pitch on other teams such as a travel team or an NYO team.  You should be aware of any pitching for their other teams and always error on the side of caution.